5 Self-Love Affirmations to Motivate Your Day

With so much going on in the world, staying positive and motivated can be tricky. This past year has proved especially challenging for many people, but it has also shown us that we’re stronger than we think. 

Whenever we’re struggling to find the motivation to tackle our long to-do list or get through the day, we turn to affirmations for self-worth. Spending 5 minutes every day regrouping and giving yourself a pep talk can make a huge difference in your life. 

So, are you ready for brighter days and more love? Keep on reading for our favorite affirmations for love. 

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What Are Self-Affirmations?

Turns out, self-affirmations aren’t just a new trend millennials whipped up or something that Goop had on their website. These positive statements are great for helping you challenge and overcome any negativity. Self-sabotaging be gone! 

Just like we do repetitive exercises to improve our fitness and strength, self-affirmations improve our mental and spiritual health. Based on what you’re trying to attract in your life, self-love affirmations work wonders when it comes to giving your self-esteem and motivation a much-needed boost. 

The next time you’re in a rut, why don’t you try writing down your goals and finding a few affirmations to match? You'd be surprised at how powerful they can be! 


How to Use Self-Affirmations

The best thing about using self-affirmations? You can use them anytime, anywhere! Think of it as your personal pep squad, cheering you on throughout the day.

To feel the power of self-affirmations, you’ll want to repeat them to yourself several times a day, especially when negative thoughts pop into your head. If you can see the words in your daily life too, even better!

Make the most of self-affirmations in your daily life by:

  • Saying them in front of the mirror
  • Journaling
  • Having small reminders on your desk or around your home
  • Dedicating a few minutes each day to reflect

Self-Affirmations - Celebrimo Blogs 


5 Things We Say to Motivate Our Day

Need a little inspiration for your own self-love affirmations? We get it; it can be a hard thing to get into at first. In the meantime, we’ll lend you a few of our own. Whenever we’re feeling down or in a slump, these 5 sayings get us on the right track. 

1. I Am Enough

We all need to remind ourselves that we are enough no matter what’s going on in our heads. Our inner voice can often get the better of us, but by repeating this self-love affirmation, you can take control of your day. 


2. Today Will Be My Day

Say it, and you’ll believe it! It is the start of a brand new day, and there is no reason why you can’t make it yours. Repeat this self-love affirmation and gently remind yourself that you are doing a great job. 


3. I Can Do It

Sometimes we can’t help but doubt our strength. Whether it is a small task or a giant leap, have a little faith in yourself! This beautiful self-love affirmation is a lovely reminder that we can do what we want and need to do. 


4. I Am the Best Me There Is

Repeating this saying will push those thoughts and feelings of not being enough aside. It's time to embrace the gorgeous person that you are! There is nobody else like you, which is what makes you so unique. 


5. I Am Worthy of Celebrating Myself

You are wonderful, incredible, and beautiful inside and out. You deserve to celebrate who you are and your achievements (big and small). 


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