40 Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas

The term 'modern decor' might bring thoughts of The Jetsons to mind, with futuristic homes and flying cars, but this isn't quite what it means. Modern decor is an interior design style characterized by clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, natural light, minimalism, and natural materials. Modern bedrooms embody this.

Modern decor refers specifically to a historical aesthetic movement that took place during the early to mid-twentieth century. It's still a popular decor style today, and modern bedrooms tend to never go out of fashion. This is one of the many reasons we love them! In this blog, we're sharing 40 modern bedroom decor ideas to help inspire you.


40 Decor Ideas for Modern Bedrooms

There's lots to love about modern bedroom ideas, starting with the gorgeous decor. For starters, this style is classic and won't go out of fashion anytime soon. If you're planning on redoing your bedroom or building a new one from scratch, these decor ideas for modern bedrooms will give you a little inspiration.

The Bold Blue & White Modern Bedroom

Blue and white color scheme master bedroom decor

We love this gorgeous blue and white color scheme, and the key to success here is to include the right quantities of each color. You'll want more of the white, with the blue coming through in things such as the bed frame, linen, and some accessories. This look works in the master bedroom and your guest bedrooms.


A Statement Four Poster Bed

Modern bedroom four poster bed

If there is one way to make a statement in your modern bedroom, it's with a fabulous four-poster bed! Not only will add a touch of luxury, but you'll also be able to enjoy that holiday resort feel all year round. A wooden bed frame is a particularly good choice for modern bedrooms. Choose this for your primary bedroom, and treat yourself!


Modern Glam

Modern Glam Bedroom Design

Buyer Select

Just because you want to achieve a modern bedroom design doesn't mean you can't still have a little glam in your life! Choose bedroom furniture and accessories with a little sparkle to add that glamorous feeling to your bedroom. Keep your color scheme neutral or monochromatic.


The Serene & Neutral Modern Bedroom

Serene Decor Modern Bedroom Ideas

Your primary bedroom should be a peaceful, relaxing place where you can enjoy sweet dreams and just chill out. This design scheme will make your bedroom a sanctuary for you to enjoy. Whether you have a large or small bedroom, this style is one we love. The color scheme can be neutral, but you can still add a pop of color.


Beach Vibes

Beach Decor Bedroom Ideas

Your choice of bedroom decor can help you escape to the beach without even leaving your home. With the right accessories and color scheme, you can create this look without losing that modern bedroom concept. A sea blue side table, driftwood light fixture, or sea shell patterns can make all the difference.


The Minimalistic Modern Bedroom

Minimalistic Modern Bedroom

We just love how a minimalistic design can transform a bedroom into a simple but inviting space. For this style, think less is more, clean lines, and often a white bedroom with accents of wood and greenery. Black and white are also popular colors for this modern bedroom style. Choose simple table lamps to add light.


The Industrial Modern Bedroom

Industrial Modern Bedroom Design

An industrial modern bedroom design gives us all the trendy New York loft vibes, and we totally love it! This style is cozy yet still chic. It is perfect for a primary or guest bedroom (or all of your bedrooms). The design of your actual home and your furniture and accessories will all work together to create this style. An interior designer can help too!


Stripes Galore!

Striped bedroom design

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Who doesn't love a gorgeous stripe, be it in fashion or your bedroom decor? Stripes in modern bedroom decor are making a comeback, and we're super excited to see it! You can mix and match with stripes or add some other patterns into the mix too. Choose a color scheme you love and go from there. Bed linens with stripes are generally quite easy to find, so you're in luck!


Playful Patterns

Playful Patterns Main Bedroom Decor

The Spruce

Modern bedroom styles don't have to be plain or without a pattern–quite the opposite. This stunning modern bedroom proves our point by using smaller designs that are contrasting but not overbearing. The use of different patterns, materials, and colors all adds to the gorgeous aesthetic of the space. Add a quirky pendant light for extra effect.


Platform Bed

Platform bed Modern Bedroom Design


There's nothing like a platform bed to make a statement in your modern bedroom! With so many beautiful beds to choose from, you're bound to find a bed that fits perfectly with your design aesthetic. We love a wooden bed frame, which fits in with many decor styles (should you decide to change your decor in a few years).


A Statement Headboard

Statement Headboard Modern Bedroom Decor

A fabulous statement headboard can turn a simple room into a more luxurious, stylish space. Choose between a headboard made using bright colors and patterns or something with more texture, such as wood or velvet. You can even take it further and choose a headboard that fills the whole wall space behind your bed.


Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

If you feel torn between a contemporary to farmhouse style, then you'll be happy to know that you can easily blend them together. Go for antique-style furniture, like the matching bedside tables shown here. Choose braided textures and fabrics, white walls, and add a neutral color palette of beiges, charcoal gray, and light gray to add a stunning modern feel.


Natural Materials

Natural Materials Bedroom Design

Cathie Hong Interiors

Natural materials can really make a bedroom feel peaceful and inviting. The use of natural wood, indoor plants, and earthy textiles and colors are key to achieving this look. However, the use of plastics and chrome is a key part of the modern look, adding the color, shine, and celebration of mass-produced things that are typical of this style.


Pops of Color!

Pop of Color Bedroom Design

Elle Decor

There is something so eclectic about a gorgeous bedroom with pops of rich color. To get started, opt for a plain canvas, such as white walls and bed linen, and bring in your colors through artwork, a unique floor lamp, some throw pillows, or your bedside tables. You can choose a few colors that compliment each other to work with.


Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey Modern Bedroom Decor

If a pop of color is not for you, then you'll probably enjoy this modern bedroom decor style a little more. Pair different shades of grey together to create your dream primary bedroom look and feel. Add a beautiful area rug to add some warmth to this space and make the room feel cozier.


Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose Modern Bedroom Furniture

With people spending more time at home and often working from their house, multi-purpose furniture has become more popular. Choosing items like a bench with storage space at the foot of your bed or a bed frame with built-in floating shelves to serve as bedside tables fit the modern look perfectly. We also love dressing tables that double as office desks!


A Feature Light Fixture

Eye catching feature light modern bedroom ideas

There is nothing like a stunning feature light to really grab attention in a bedroom. This also means that you can keep the rest of your decor fairly neutral and make your light fixture the focal point in your bedroom.


Bold in Black and White

Black and White Modern Bedroom Ideas

Black and white make for the perfect combo, especially when it comes to modern bedroom ideas for decor. This classic combo creates a chic look in your space and a wonderful uncluttered feel. We'd suggest choosing white as your base color and adding black accessories throughout your room.


Accent Walls

Accent wall bedroom ideas

Grace in my Space

While modern bedroom ideas tend to lean towards white or solid color walls, an accent wall is a great way to add a little style and flair to your bedroom. Choose one wall in your room and add some detailing or wallpaper that fits with your overall style.


A Canopy Bed Frame

Canopy frame modern bedroom ideas

If a canopy bed doesn't remind you of a relaxing beach resort, then we don't know what will! This is the perfect addition and centerpiece to your primary bedroom. These beds also draw your eye upwards and can make your space feel bigger.


Bright & Airy

Bright and airy bedroom decor

Jane At Home

Your bedroom is the place you come to relax and rejuvenate, so you'll want it to be a happy room in your home. A bright and airy style really helps you clear your mind and relieve stress. This bedroom decor idea lends itself to rooms with lovely big windows and lots of natural light.


Comfy and Cool

Comfy and cool bedroom decor inspiration


Cooler tones are always a safe bet when decorating your modern bedroom. We love how the black wire wall art and frames create some contrast against the softer textures on the bed. The natural wood bedside table and the throw add some comfort and warmth to this bedroom.


Layer Up

Layered bedroom interior design

Living After Midnight

Layering different types and colors of materials will add depth and interest to your bedroom scheme. Starting with plain bed linen and adding pops of color and texture through throws and decorative cushions.


Vibrant Pinks

Vibrant Pinks interior designer

Studio DIY

A pink bedroom is not just for your younger years! Embrace your love for this beautiful color by creating a vibrant pink bedroom. Start with a clean base and add your pops of pink in different shades. Adding a trendy custom bed or funky headboard can complete the look.



Moroccan Inspired interior design

Binti Home

There is something so tranquil and exotic about Moroccan-inspired interior decor. Earthy orange tones, intricate headboard designs, wood ceiling beams, and natural fiber drapes are essentials when recreating this look in your bedroom. Get in touch with an interior designer if you need a hand!


Modern Eclectic

Modern Eclectic interior design

Bari J Designs

For those who want their bedroom to reflect their creativity, the modern eclectic style is for you! Mix and match patterns and colors, incorporate different textures, and don't forget some awesome artwork pieces!


Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean interior designer

Bali Interiors

Do you dream of resting your head in a peaceful sanctuary that reminds you of a resort in Greece? Then this style of bedroom decor is for you. Less is more here, and you will want to start off with a clean, white space and add shades of blue, natural wood, indoor plants, and rattan furniture and accessories.


White Modern Bedrooms

White Modern Bedrooms

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Don't write off plain white when you're putting together your modern master bedroom plan! It's clean, fresh, and peaceful. Also, it doesn't take much to achieve this look - just white, really. Stick to natural wood instead of adding color. Choose a white or black and white piece of artwork for your walls to complete the look.


Wallpaper Love

wallpaper designer bedrooms

Oilo Studio

When creating designer bedrooms, wallpaper is trending, and for a good reason! It's a simple way to add something special to your room and comes in many shapes, colors, and patterns. This is especially great for nurseries and kids' rooms.


French Style

French style designer bedrooms


French country-style designer bedrooms are easy to achieve. Combine minimalist, pared-back furniture, layer your furnishings, and add a touch of luxury. An ornate headboard and soft silk bed linen will exude timeless elegance and adds a sense of grandeur. Pair with wooden accents and raw, exposed materials to create a wonderfully rustic look.


Watercolor Dreams

The Cards We Drew

Recreate an artist's studio romance in your bedroom with ethereal colors and abstract patterns. Pared with wood or black furniture provides definition to the impressionistic cushions and pale ombre feature wall.


Trending in Turquoise

Turquoise modern master bedroom ideas

Poster Store

It might not sound very appealing when you think of turquoise-inspired modern master bedroom ideas. Turns out, with the right styling and accessories, this can be a gorgeous look for your resting space. Pair with white, cream, beige, and natural wood to create a calm and tranquil space. Opt for white window treatments too.


Feature Wall Floating Shelf

Feature Shelf Wall Decor

Calling All Creators

This bedroom decor idea is all about making a feature of your wall with an Instagrammable shelf. Here, potted and trailing plants, framed photos, art prints, candles, and ornaments make a beautiful back wall display. Make sure your shelf is sturdy, and objects won't fall on you while you're sleeping!


Scandi Love

Modern Scandi Style

Farmhouse Living

Light and airy, less really is more when it comes to Scandinavian-style bedroom decor. This simple look lends itself well to minimalist schemes and is perfect for master and guest bedrooms. A palette of cream, beige, and a touch of blue provides the right amount of color.


Brown and White

Brown and White interior designer inspiration

Rever En Couleur

Black and white is a popular bedroom color combination, but have you ever considered brown and white? We love this duo, and together they create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable resting place. Choose a brown wood bed frame, white lined, and opt for a few brown accessories and cushions.


Statement Florals

Statement floral room

Darling Darleen

The ultimate teenage girl's bedroom design! To make a feminine statement, decorate your bedroom with a large floral mural on the wall behind your bed, which will also double as a headboard. It's like a work of art., don't you think?


Compact Storage

Compact storage bed

Room & Board

This solution is especially great if you're looking for small modern bedroom ideas where you need some extra storage space. Choose any color scheme you like, but opt for a bed that gives you space to keep some of the goodies you don't need on display.


Modern Bohemian

Modern Bohemian Style

The Style Index

When creating your modern boho bedroom, you won't need to restrain yourself too much when it comes to incorporating different patterns. As long as they fit with your color scheme, feel free to add all the textures and shades you like.


Edgy but Elegant

Elegant and Edgy style

Thou Swell

While sleek colors and mixed metals feel up-to-date, avoiding harsh lines or edges makes the room feel sterile. A few traditional and unique touches lend this beautiful room the air of a room in a favorite New York hotel.


Built-in Shelving

Built-In Shelving Bedroom


For small modern bedroom ideas, built-in shelving like this is really useful! Not only does it add to the aesthetic of your room, but it also provides functional storage without taking up much space.


Tips for Implementing those Modern Bedroom Ideas

Once you've got an idea of the style of bedroom you want to go for, it's time to get decorating! To help make the process as easy as possible, here are a few useful tips:

  • Make sure you can move around easily

  • Go subtle with your colors. You can always add more

  • Layer your lighting and include several different light sources

  • Consider the visual weight of your furniture, especially in relation to the size of your bedroom

  • Distribute the soft touch (and make sure your bedroom has at least one of these)

  • Follow your personal style! You'll be spending a lot of time in this space, so you want to love it


Armed with your modern bedroom decor ideas and our tips to keep in mind while you're decorating, you're ready to bring your bedroom of dreams to life! We believe that a bedroom created and maintained with love will always be the perfect resting place in any home.