35 Fun Fall Activities for Families

It's finally here, the season we wait for all year long! Let's be honest; is there a better season than fall? The decor, delicious food and drink, outfits, awesome fall activities, and perfect cuddle weather - there is so much to love about this time of year.

If you really want to make the most of this season, you’ll want to enjoy as many awesome fall activities as possible with your family, right? We totally get this. The problem is constantly coming up with fun ideas to keep everyone entertained. It’s colder, we’re lazier, and we miss summer. That’s exactly why we decided to put together a list of must-do fall family activities just for you! 

Read on for our 35 family-approved fall activities. 

35 Fall Fun Activities for the Whole Family

If you're looking for the ultimate autumn bucket list, we've put together 35 of our favorite fun fall activities for families for you to work your way through.

fall pumpkin patch

Go to a Fall Festival

If you're Googling 'things to do in fall near me,' keep a lookout for any fall festivals that might be happening in your area. We can't think of a better way to welcome the start of this new season. Fall festivals are fun for the whole family, and you can enjoy warm apple cider and fall-inspired dishes, visit a pumpkin patch, explore a corn maze, and spend some quality time together.

Go Apple Picking

If a fall festival is not for you, but you're still searching for things to do in fall near me, keep an eye out for your nearest apple orchard. This is the perfect spot for you and your family to enjoy a day of apple picking. The best part of this fall activity is that you'll be able to take home some fresh apples to make some yummy fall-worthy recipes like candy apples or apple pie!

Have a Backyard Bonfire

This has got to be a favorite outdoor fall activity to enjoy as a family! Gather around the bonfire, tell ghost stories, sip on hot chocolate and make smores. Don't forget the cozy blankets when the weather gets really cold. Extra points for getting the kids involved with the smore prep.

outdoor fall activity

Set up a Fall Family Photoshoot

With all the gorgeous colors and fall foliage around, this time of year is perfect for a family photoshoot. In fact, if you haven't already done it, add this activity to your fall bucket list - you won't be sorry. Dress up in your fall fashion, find a pile of leaves to have some fun with, and let the photographer take care of the rest. 

Tailgate a Football Game

If your kids are a little older, add this to your list of family fall activities to try. Autumn means football season, and if you're a fan, then tailgating a game and cheering on your team will be great fun. Don't forget to pack the game day snacks!

Have a Family Chili Cook-off

When you think of recipes for fall, chili has got to be a firm favorite. So, let's see who can make the best chili dish if the family. The tasting is always the best part; have someone judge all the dishes and declare a winner. Get everyone together, and get cooking.

Chili recipes for fall

Have a Movie Night

A movie night is one of our top at-home fall activities to enjoy with family and friends. Get cozy and tune into one of this season's classics. If you want to spice things up a bit, why not choose a spooky Halloween film instead?

Enjoy a Bike Ride

One of the best ways to experience the true splendor of the fall foliage and fall flowers is to take a scenic bike ride around your neighborhood. Activities in the fall don't always have to cost money, and this is a simple way to enjoy the season.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Next time you're looking for family fall activities near me, consider visiting a pumpkin patch if there is one nearby. There's nothing quite like seeing these unique vegetables growing in a field to make you appreciate their beauty and the season we fondly associate them with. A bonus is that you often get to take one or two home - fall decor here we come.

Pumpkin Spice

DIY your own Festive Fall Wreath

This is one fall activity that your kids will love getting involved in. If you want to spruce up your fall decor ideas, creating your own wreath for the front door is a great way to do this. Add some fresh greenery, pinecones, and a touch of sparkle, and you can't go wrong. You can find a tutorial here.

Get Lost in a Corn Maize

If you're up for an adventure, then exploring a corn maze makes for excellent family fall activities near me. Who knew getting lost in a cornfield could be so much fun?!

Create your own Fall Floral Arrangement

Fall flowers are so pretty, and adding them to your home in beautiful arrangements makes for wonderful fall decor ideas to make your home feel festive. Choose some of your favorite fall blooms, some greenery, and perhaps a cute ribbon or two to add to your bouquets. We've found Pinterest to be a great source of inspiration for this fall activity. 

Worried if this activity won’t keep the kiddos entertained? Broaden your horizons and let them take the lead. What do they want to create with flowers? Flower crowns? Bird houses? Let their imagination take charge.

Floral fall decor ideas

Carve Pumpkins

Now that fall is here, Halloween is around the corner. Carving pumpkins and creating a jack-o-lantern for your porch is so much fun to do together! It'll also get those spooky juices flowing so that you can create the ultimate Halloween costume.

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

After carving pumpkins, you'll have lots of seeds left over, but don't throw them away. Use these to make a tasty, healthy fall-inspired snack. Find an awesome recipe from Jessica Gavin here. Cooking is always a go-to in our home for our kids and this will be a great way to educate your kids about the kitchen-basics. 

Visit a Haunted House

Fall also happens to be spooky season! If you're feeling brave, why not head to your nearest haunted house for a visit? Better yet, your family can create your own haunted house and spook the neighbors out.

At Home Fall Activities Haunted House

Enjoy a Scenic Train Ride

When you're searching for fall activities near me, have a look for any train ride opportunities. We'd highly recommend this to enjoy as a fall family adventure. Enjoy seeing the countryside with those beautiful red and orange colors of autumn.

Make Leaf Crafts

Add this activity to your fall bucket list! It's such fun, especially if you have little ones. Bring some fall foliage indoors and let your creativity run wild as you decorate the leaves with paint and glitter. If you don't want to use leaves from the outdoors, cut your own out of paper and decorate those instead.

Make a Pumpkin Pie

Is it even really fall if you haven't made (or eaten) a pumpkin pie yet? We think not! As far as fun fall activities go, if your whole family doesn't get involved in making this treat, they sure will participate in eating it.

family fall activities

Go for a Picnic

A picnic is a fabulous fall activity and a terrific way to get your family to enjoy some fresh air and autumn colors. If you don't feel like venturing off to a picnic spot, set up a fall picnic in your backyard with tasty seasonal treats.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Your list of fall fun activities is not complete without a scavenger hunt! Hunt for colorful leaves, pinecones, and other fall-like objects, and bring them home so you can use them for crafts.

Host a Fall Quiz Evening

Brush up on your fall and Halloween knowledge and invite friends and family over for a fun quiz evening. One person will need to ask the questions and be the quiz master; the rest can either form teams or play individually. Fall activities like this provide hours of fun!

family fall activities near me

Make a Fall Porch Display

Get inspired by fall decor ideas and bring the spirit of the season into your home by creating a fall porch display. Add some fall colors, pumpkins, and lanterns for a gorgeous, welcoming entrance to the house. If you haven't ticked this item off, you've not completed a true fall bucket list. Get the family involved so that everyone feels included.

Make your own Pumpkin Spice Latte

There is something so delicious about a homemade pumpkin spice latte (especially when it's served in one of our coffee mugs with sayings). This hot drink is the epitome of fall and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Recipes for fall such as this is perfect for any time you want to enjoy a moment of self-care and relaxation. Don't forget to serve in your favorite Celebrimo mugs!

Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine cones can be round nearly everywhere during the fall season, so why not use these to make awesome birdfeeders for your garden? It's super easy to do! Find out how here:

  • Tie some string around a pine cone
  • Cover the pine cone in peanut butter and shake some bird seed over it
  • Hang outside in a tree and watch the birds flock to your feeder

 fun fall activity pine cone bird feeder

Make Toffee Apples

These are the ultimate Halloween treat, and we're sure that they bring back happy memories of your childhood during fall! While the kids can get involved in making toffee apples, adult help is required. Here's how to make 'em:

  • Skewer some apples on sticks, and prepare bowls of sprinkles and small jellies/sweets.
  • You will need melted toffee (shop-bought/make your own using butter, sugar, and salt), and ensure not too hot when kids making their toffee apples.
  • Let each kid dip their apple into the melted toffee and then dip in sprinkles etc.
  • Lay on greaseproof paper to cool.

Build a Scarecrow

This fun fall activity can also form part of your Halloween decor for the garden! To make a scarecrow, you'll need some old clothes, a hat, canes, straw or old newspapers for stuffing, a needle and thread, and a plastic bag. Country Living shares some great tips for making your best scarecrow here.

Build a Duvet Den

Is there anything cozier than a duvet den? We think not! This has got to be one of our favorite family fall activities. Grab some blankets, cushions, and duvets, and strategically using your furniture, you can create a fort or den by layering and hanging your blankets. Use your pillows to make it comfy on the inside. Gran a torch and some snacks, and you can spend hours in your den having fun!

Family Fall Activities blanket den

Bake Gingerbread People

Ginger is one of the many gorgeous, warm fall scents. Bring this into your home by baking gingerbread people with your kids. It's lots of fun to do, and as far as at-home fall activities go, it is ideal for those chilly days spent indoors. Once you have baked your cookies, you can ice and decorate them as you wish - this is really where the fun starts!

Plant Tulip Bulbs for the Spring

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the best time to plant tulip bulbs is in autumn. If you really want to get specific about it, aim for six to eight weeks before a hard frost is expected. Adding this to your list of activities in the fall, you'll be greeted by a garden full of beautiful flowers when spring arrives.

Take a Camping Trip

Don't let the cold weather put you off! Camping at this time of year is a fun fall activity to do as a family. Wrap up warm, build bonfires in the evenings, make hot chocolate on those crisp fall mornings, and enjoy nature at its best with those beautiful autumn colors. You'll also enjoy lower rates and fewer crowds and bugs at this time of year.

fun fall activity camping

Visit a Sunflower Farm

If you're lucky enough to live near one of these, then we don't need to tell you that sunflower season has officially begun! If not, now you know. Take your kids to see the magic of these incredible flowers while they are in full bloom. There is nothing quite like it!

Go Kite Flying

This time of year is generally pretty windy, which is the perfect time to fly kites. This outdoor fall activity that the family can enjoy together is definitely one to add to your fall bucket list, especially for your kids.

Go Leaf Peeping

If you're searching for 'things to do in fall near me,' consider looking for a scenic spot to enjoy some leaf peeping. With so many beautiful locations around the country to view and photograph the fall foliage, you will be spoilt for choice.

things to do in fall near me - leaf peeping

Refresh your Decor for Fall

Decorating your home for fall is always a good idea, and it's more fun when you involve the family. Pull out your favorite accessories from years past, or purchase a few new items that will take your decor from summer to autumn. If you need a little help, we've put together some tips for you.

Host a Harvest Party

If you love a good party, this fun fall activity is for you! Sip on apple cider, enjoy butternut squash soup and pumpkin spice treats, and participate in festive fall games like apple bobbing. Transform your backyard into a magical fall backdrop, and invite your friends, family, and neighbors around to welcome the new season.


Happy fall y'all! So, now that we've covered some actual fall activities for families to experience this season, the only thing left to do is get started on them. We'd love to know which one you're trying first.