20 Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room and the perfect canvas for you to showcase your personal interests and tastes. There are so many gorgeous coffee table décor ideas that you can adapt to your own coffee table style. Without further a due, we’re sharing some of our best décor for coffee table ideas here. 

20 Pinterest-Worthy Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Keep it Classic

Classic Coffee Table Style Decor Ideas

Becca Interiors

Sometimes, less is more, especially for your coffee table centerpiece. A classy bowl is a perfect storage space to keep small bits and pieces, while a beautiful vase creates a setting for textures, plants, flowers, or other natural elements.

Adding a large candle or two also adds to the timeless simplicity of this look. Opt for colors that pair well with the furniture in your family room. 


Modern with a Touch of Luxury

Modern Coffee Table Decor Ideas

West Elm

When looking at décor for coffee table, keeping it modern is popular choice! However, you can add a touch of luxury! You can accessorize with a touch of gold, silver, or any metallic you love. Avoid adding too much here; otherwise, you’ll lose that modern coffee table décor look and feel. 


Decorating a Coffee Table with A Tray

Decorating a Coffee Table with a Tray

The Tarnished Jewel Blog

Don’t you just love decorating a coffee table with a tray? It adds something special to your table and is also functional storage space. When decorating a tray on a coffee table, don’t be afraid to add ornaments and decorative boxes of different shapes and sizes. The size of your tray will be determined by the size of your coffee table and what you want to display there. 


Small But Cute 

Small Coffee Table Décor Ideas


Sometimes space in the living room doesn’t allow for big coffee tables, but this doesn’t mean your small coffee table décor can’t still be super cute! Our top tip is to keep it simple, as it can look cluttered very quickly. Choose 2-3 items of different sizes that you want to have on your table. If you're going to decorate a coffee table with a tray, use a smaller one. 


Love A Round Coffee Table 

Round Coffee Table Décor Idea

Camille Styles

Although less common, round or curved coffee tables offer their own unique look and feel to your living room. These tables are often used to soften an area that has sharper lines and edges, so keep this in mind when choosing what to display and decorating a round coffee table. 

When decorating a round coffee table, experts suggest choosing 3-5 objects (depending on the size of your table) of different sizes, heights, and textures. 


Floral and Feminine

Floral & Feminine Coffee Table Décor


Who doesn’t love gorgeous flowers around the house? It’s a yes from us here! Fresh flowers (or really good fake ones) are the perfect addition to your coffee table decor. Not only do they add some color, but they also create a connection to the natural elements and show a feminine side to your living room. 

A couple of our gorgeous stemless wine glasses with sayings will finish the look here! 


All Natural

Natural Style Coffee Table Décor

Meadow Blu

The natural look is so popular now, and for a good reason! Think wood, natural greenery, natural elements, and neutral colors. There are a few essentials to achieving an unassuming coffee table style. Opt for a table made from wood with a natural look. Then, you’ll want to accessorize with an indoor plant or some greenery, matte vases, small baskets, or a woven bowl or tray. Mix and match until you’ve achieved your desired look. 


Rustic Chic

Rustic Chic Coffee Table Décor


There are lots to love about a rustic chic coffee table style! It allows for a little more flexibility in your accessories, but this style also lends itself to older or repurposed furniture. When it comes to how to decorate a coffee table in this rustic, chic style, choose a mix of accessories, some with clean lines and a bit of shine, and some more unique pieces. 

An indoor plant also goes well with this style, as does a Celebrimo coffee mug with motivational saying on it. 


Country Style

American Country Style Coffee Table Décor

Heather Scott

While it’s not for everyone, there is just something we love about Southwest country-style charm! So, if you’re thinking of this theme for your living room, your coffee table centerpiece needs to be on point. Here’s your chance to include a gorgeous woven tray or some woven baskets with a cactus or some pottery.

Think about native American colors, patterns, and other decorative accents here, too, especially when it comes to candles and lanterns. Add a few of your favorite coffee table books, and you're good to go.


Glamorous Glass

Glass Coffee Table Décor Ideas

Setting For Four

In need of a few glass coffee table décor ideas? There are loads out there, but our favorite has to be a touch of glam! A glass-topped coffee table is already so chic and modern, and we prefer to keep with the shine they bring to a room by accessorizing similarly.

The great thing about glass coffee table décor ideas is that they are easy to change. Think mirror bowls, trays, candleholders, white decorative boxes and candles, and touches of gold and silver. Don't forget those coffee table books. 


Coastal Inspired

Coastal Style Coffee Table Décor


If you love the ocean and you want to bring that coastal style into your home, your coffee table décor is a great way to do this! We've found that a wooden table often works best for this style. Incorporating shells or other nautical elements and items from the sea as a focal point is a great start. In terms of other accessories, think blues, greens, and wood.


Elegant With a Touch of Glam

Elegant with a touch of glam coffee table décor


Who doesn't love some elegance with a bit of glam? Whether you have a one or a two-tiered coffee table, creating this look is easy. Some coffee table styling essentials are a stack of your favorite coffee table books or a magazine, something shiny, and some candles with beautiful candle holders. The key is to refrain from cluttering the surface space.


Pink and Girly

Pink coffee table décor

Shop LTK

This décor style for coffee tables is perfect for our ladies who are loving life in their apartments or houses. It's the perfect way to embrace your love for all things pink and gorgeous! Choose any coffee table of your choice, and add items like pink flowers, metallic pillar candles, and other bits and bobs with some more shades of pink or a few gold accents.

Our stemless wine glasses for friends will make the perfect addition here, along with a bottle of your favorite vino! 


Let There Be Light

Coffee table décor with candles


Candles add a warm, romantic feel to a room, making them the perfect decorative items for your coffee table. Choosing candles of different shapes, sizes, and colors helps create a homely feel. If you use a wood table or glass, make sure you have something down to protect the surface from dripping wax. Lanterns and trays are great to go with your candles.


Pretty in Pastel

Pastel Coffee Table Décor

Shop LTK

Pastel doesn't have to be pink, and with your coffee table décor, there are so many directions you can go with this color pallet. Once you have chosen your favorite pastels, incorporate a decorative object or three in these colors and make them your focal point. Including pastel-colored picture frames is a beautiful idea for a family home.


Functional and Natural

Functional Coffee Table Décor

The Home Depot

Don’t let your coffee table size limit its usefulness! With the right design and accessories, such as a woven basket or two, you can turn your coffee table into a functional piece of furniture. To keep the natural feel, include an indoor plant, some wooden or clay accessories, and a candle. Simple décor is key!


Unusual Coffee Tables

Ottoman Coffee Table Décor

We're seeing more and more unique coffee tables, such as ottomans, being used as coffee tables. We really love this idea, and in the right setting, it just works and creates visual interest. This is where our tips on decorating a coffee table with a tray come in handy! Showcase your decorative ornaments here, and include some coffee table books too.

Add a couple of coffee mugs with sayings to your decorative tray here for a really homely feel! 


Black and White

Black and White Coffee Table Décor

The Kuotes

Black and white are classy and timeless and perfect for your coffee table décor styling. Choose either a black or white coffee table, and accessorize with decorative accents of the other color. Choose books, candles, and some gorgeous white flowers to create a stylish design statement in your living room. Our Let’s Have Coffee Together coffee mugs set will complete the look. 


Cozy Cabin

Cozy coffee table décor

House Beautiful

With the right décor, your coffee table can make your living room feel more comfortable and cozy. Choose natural decorative items to compliment your wooden coffee table. We love little antlers, candles in vases with stone bases, a quirky magnifying glass, and your favorite books. Steer clear of your bright flowers here.


Multiple Tables

Multiple Coffee Tables

Another trend that we love and have been seeing more of is using a few tables of different heights, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials to create one center coffee table arrangement. Once you have the tables you want, arranged how you like, you can decorate them according to your chosen style. 


Now that we’ve taken a look at some fantastic coffee table décor styles, you won’t need to wonder how to decorate a coffee table. Instead, you’ll have the inspiration you need to take a traditional coffee table from good to excellent, creating the coffee table style of your dreams and perfecting your coffee table arrangement.