15 Christmas Decor Ideas for 2022

The most wonderful time of year is upon us. If you’re like us, we’re all about the festive season. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas decor, making our home look and feel the part is a must! So, if you’re looking for some of the best Christmas 2022 trends for decor, you’ve come to the right place. 

From Christmas tree decor to ideas for Christmas decor outside, we’re covering all the bases and providing you with some looks that will sleigh! Let’s jump right in.

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Christmas Decorating 2022

Over the last few years, Christmas hasn’t necessarily been that family-filled affair for many. With everything changing and the world getting back into the swing of things, it’s time to get that Christmas cheer going! The Christmas 2022 trends are all about human connection, joy, and celebrating this time of year together. Choosing from these ideas is going to be tough!



1. Inspired By Nature

Christmas 2022 trends - Celebrimo Blog

Simply Inspired Design Co. 

We’re seeing nature creep into almost every aspect of our lives, and Christmas is no different! When it comes to Christmas 2022 trends, bring a little outdoors inside. Think beautiful fresh greens and warm caramel colors combined with natural wood, pinecones, and other materials. To nail your Christmas tree decor with this theme, incorporate foliage and baubles inspired by nature and wildlife.


2. Feelin’ Nostalgic

Christmas decorating 2022 - Celebrimo Blog

First Day of Home

We might be enjoying a new normal, but many will throw it back to childhood memories and a traditional, quintessential Christmas this year. We’ll see the return of paper decorations, personalized Christmas stockings, and vintage family ornaments and tableware. Red and green will be popular colors when embracing Christmas 2022 trends such as this one, with pops of gold to add a touch of luxury. 


3. All That Glitters

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Is it even the festive season if there’s no sparkle? Metallics, and especially gold, and so popular for Christmas 2022 decorating. No matter your color palette this year, you will find beautiful sparkly ornaments and decor items that embrace the metallic trend. From your candles to your gift wrapping, we love this idea for Christmas 2022 decorating!


4. Let’s Get Lit!

Christmas decor DIY - Celebrimo Blog

The DIY Playbook

Christmas decor wouldn’t be complete without candles, are we right? Candles can be an inexpensive way to warm up your Christmas decor and make your house feel cozy. However, they take on a more significant role this year in festive season decor. We’re talking groups of candles together to make a centerpiece or placing them in pretty lanterns and strategically around your home. 


5. Vintage-Glam

Christmas tree decor - Celebrimo Blog


If you love the Twenties, then you’ll definitely want to give this trend a try! In addition to eye-catching metallics, this trend includes whimsical feathers, strings of beads, and crystal garlands. To avoid making your home feel too cool with these decorations, pair them with warm lights and candles. 


6. Bold and Bright

Christmas tree decor 2022 - Celebrimo Blog

Style At Home

For those who love color, this Christmas decor idea is for you. Whether you decide to follow the colors of the rainbow or pick a few of your favorites and pair them together, the brighter, the better with this trend. When you head to your nearest store with Christmas decorations, more is more with this Christmas decor idea, and we love it! 


7. Instagram-Worthy Porch Displays

Christmas porch decor 2022 - Celebrimo Blog

The Wonder Forest

As of November 01, it’s officially time to switch your porch decor for something a little more Christmassy. This year, we can expect to see porch displays worthy of Instagram. If Christmas decor outside is just as important to you as the inside of your home, we can’t wait to see what you do here. Think creative wreaths, lanterns, garlands, and door ornaments. 

If you’re really feeling inspired, your Christmas deco outside can be a teaser of what your guests can enjoy when they step into your home. Talk about building the excitement!


8. DIY Decor

Christmas decor diy 2022 - Celebrimo Blog

Coley Kuyper Art

While you can always head to the store with Christmas decorations to add a few extra items, there is something really special about Christmas decor DIY options that have been handmade by those you love. Nothing says human connection more than a few Christmas decor DIY ideas. Get the whole family involved by creating your own wreaths, garlands, and Christmas tree decor. 


9. Pretty in Pink

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The Pink Dream

When you think of pink, Christmas decor might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, you might change your mind once you’ve seen all the beautiful blush pink decorations. If you’re not crazy about pink, lavender is a tree-mendous alternative. If your home decor is on the feminine side, this Christmas decor idea will work in your house.


10. Mantlescaping

Christmas decor mantle - Celebrimo Blog

Hello Central Avenue

If your home has a mantlepiece, why not get creative for Christmas and make your fireplace a focal point? We’d suggest starting with a decorative garland for draping. Then you can experiment with candles and ornaments of different shapes, sizes, and heights. Your mantlescaping can complement the rest of your Christmas decor. 


11. All Neutral

Christmas decor trends 2022 - Celebrimo Blog

Jane At Home

If bright and bold is not your thing, you might enjoy a more neutral color palette for Christmas decor ideas. This trend reminds us of a snowy walk in the woods, with a bit of sparkle thrown in for good measure. Neutral Christmas decor ideas will involve greens, whites, woods, and perhaps a little gold or rose gold. A white Christmas tree lends itself perfectly to this idea.


12. Go Gonk-ers!

Christmas decor gonks - Celebrimo Blog


Heard of gonks before? They are fun, gnome-like figures with their faces almost entirely covered by their big hats and fluffy beards. According to old Nordic folklore, gonks would take a liking to houses or barns during winter. They would protect those families and their homes and bring magic and good fortune if treated well.

Christmas gonks are so popular this time of year that you can base your decor entirely around them. Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, they are a cute, festive addition to a home or office space. They sit perfectly on stairs, shelves, and around the fireplace. You can also hang them from the tree. 


13. Sustainable Style

Sustainable Christmas decor - Celebrimo Blog

Farmhouse Pottery

It wouldn’t be Christmas decorating 2022 without focusing on sustainability. Retailers have made a conscious effort to improve their carbon footprint, and there are lots of gorgeous eco-friendly decorations available. However, going this route doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to achieve the same Christmas spirit as you would without the sustainability factor. So, why not try something a little different with your Christmas decor this year and help save the planet?


14. Christmas Tree with a Twist

wall-mounted Christmas tree - Celebrimo Blog

Grandin Road

If you want to spice up your festive decor this 2022, why not try something different with your tree? Popular choices this year will be flocked (snow-covered) trees, wall-mounted trees, cactus trees, and branches turned into trees. You can still choose your favorite theme and Christmas tree decor here, but your choice of tree will undoubtedly make a statement. 


15. Paper Decor

Paper Christmas decor - Celebrimo Blog

The Merrythought

From honeycomb trees to paperchain garlands, there is no doubt that paper decor is making a comeback when it comes to Christmas 2022 trends. This idea lends itself to Christmas decor DIY projects and is also on the sustainable side. It offers endless possibilities for you to get creative and have some fun!


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Are you ready to get decorating yet? We know we are! To make this time of year that much more enjoyable, we might enjoy a festive Christmas cocktail while putting the tree up. Happy tinseling!