10 Quick Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

You know what affirmations for moms don’t go down well? “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” If you’re a mom and you’re reading this, then you will know how hard it is to get your self-care checklist done. Wouldn’t we all like to nap every day and get in an hour of exercise as most self-care tips suggest? 

Moms, we know just how valuable time is for you! Between work, looking after the household, and taking care of your family, there is often not enough time for you and we know self-care for moms is last on your list. However, your mental, emotional, and physical health can suffer when you're not taking care of yourself. After all, you can’t pour from an empty cup! 

By creating a self-care checklist, prioritizing yourself is that much easier. If you're wondering where to begin, we're here to help you, mama! Our self-care ideas for busy moms like yourself will have you feeling your best in no time. Let's jump right in.

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Why is Self-Care for Moms Important?

Before we get to our self-care ideas, we want to talk a bit about why self-care for moms is something you need to schedule time for. While it might feel selfish, and you may experience some of that dreaded mom guilt, we're here to tell you that enjoying an hour or two to yourself is fine. It’s not just fine, but it’s essential! 

As magical and amazing as being a mom is, it’s intense! There’s a lot going on 24/7 and your brain never gets a chance to reset itself. It’s for this reason, we’re emphasizing how vital it is for you to take some time off. If you don't, you may experience mom burnout. 

What are the mom burnout symptoms? You may experience a few of these symptoms:

  • Mental and/or physical exhaustion
  • Short temper
  • Disconnection from friends and family
  • Mom guilt about feelings, behaviors, and/or reactions
  • Emotional depletion
  • Change in appetite
  • Sleep issues 
  • Loss of control

See why self-care for moms is so important now? Do any of these mom burnout symptoms ring true to you? If yes, we’re thinking of you and we want you to know one thing: you’ve got this. It’s hard, this season is hard, but it’s just a season and it will pass. 

We know how hard it is to schedule some you time, and we know how busy life can be. Sometimes, all you need is a good list of self-care tips and ideas to help build your very own self-care checklist to get motivated. Break out the vision boards, it’s time to put mom first!


10 Quick Self-Care Ideas for Busy Moms

Remember those days before you had kids when you could read a book, work out five days a week, take relaxing baths, and drink your coffee while it was still hot? As moms, we know you wouldn't change a thing today, but that doesn't mean you can't still make yourself a priority. 

You're the queen of finding life hacks to make things easier, so we know you can work some magic on your to-do list. Even though it feels like there are never enough hours in a day; when you make yourself a priority, you can make time for yourself - 5 minutes still counts! 

Some of these self-care ideas can be done in just a few minutes, and others require a bit longer. However, with a little added effort, all of them will help you take better care of yourself and thereby equip you to take better care of your family.


Boost Your Brain

You'll be surprised at how good taking time to use your brain on something YOU enjoy is! What’s the easiest way to do this? There are a few ways - write in your journal, read a few chapters from a book you've been meaning to get into, try a guided meditation, or do a crossword puzzle. These are just a few of our suggestions, so you're welcome to take inspiration and find a mental boost you love.

Mom tip: throw in your AirPods, pop on a podcast or audiobook and tackle those dishes. Your brain will appreciate the boost, your house chores get done and you can finally catchup on that latest podcast everyone’s bragging about. 

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Work Up A Sweat

We know that running after little ones can be hard work! While this is a form of exercise, your body will thank you for taking the time to move your body in other ways. Whether you take a walk around the block (on your own), practice yoga, discover a new sport, or spend time gardening, these are all excellent ways to break a sweat and lead a healthy lifestyle. Trust us, after lugging a 15kg toddler around, your back will thank you for the little love and stretch. 


Spend Time with Friends

One of the best self-care tips we have is scheduling time with your friends. Going out for a girls night or having a coffee away from your kids is like a mini holiday. And look, don’t listen to those people who say you mustn’t talk about your kids - do what feels right and good to you.

Feeling a little disconnected from your pre-mom friends? Take the leap and make new ones! Join or start a book club or local mom group on Facebook. Having the support of other moms (and giving support in return) will do wonders for you.


Pamper Yourself a Little

Regarding self-care tips, pampering oneself usually comes to mind first, and for a good reason. Nothing lifts your spirits and relaxes you like some downtime. So, give yourself a facial (or book one at a spa), enjoy a long relaxing bath with our wine glasses for moms, spoil yourself with your favorite flowers, or even just sneak in a nap.

Of course, there’s our go-to pampering - online shopping! When we’re in a funk, there’s nothing like motivational coffee mugs for moms or wine glasses for moms… Or a new wardrobe (budget-allowing). 

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Give Micro Self-Care Tips a Try

If you're having a busy week or month, then micro self-care tips might be just what you need. Sometimes, when you’re deep in the mom burnout, it’s hard to see out of it. It feels like even the smallest task, like getting dressed in the morning, takes up too much time, and that’s okay. You’re doing all you can and you’re doing it so well! 

However, if you want to start taking your self-care care ideas for busy moms a little more seriously, try breaking them down into micro ones. Maybe you want to say a few self-love affirmations for moms when you wake up in the morning, listen to your favorite music while commuting, or try five-minute journaling before going to bed. These small acts make a difference; trust us! As the name suggests, these are self-care activities you only need a few minutes to enjoy.


Learn New Skills

As moms, we watch our kids constantly learning new things. It's only natural that we might also feel the urge to do the same. Trying a new hobby and stepping out of your comfort zone, or advancing a skill you already have, is a fantastic way to care for yourself. Life is all about growing, and it doesn't have to stop when you have kids.


Get Enough Rest

It may sound like a simple task, but getting enough sleep is easier said than done when you're a mama. However, you do need this to function properly and be the best version of yourself. Sleep also helps to alleviate stress, improve cardiovascular health, strengthen your immune system, and boost your memory, among other things.

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Invest In Your Health

Be honest, when last did you go for a full body check-up? Here's your reminder that YOUR health and wellness are just as important as your family's. So, make time to get your flu shots, schedule dental exams, and go for annual check-ups, including necessary tests like a pap smear and breast examination. You'll also want to fuel your body with healthy foods and vitamins and get enough rest and regular exercise.


Enjoy Regular Downtime

Did you know that some of our top self-care tips for moms include watching your favorite Netflix series or dancing around the house to songs you love? Yep, self-love tips for moms can be lots of fun and include moments where all you need to do is relax. Grad one of our coffee mugs for moms and fill it with a delicious cup of coffee while you’re at it!


Spend Time Having Fun with Family

Weeks, and even weekends, are busy when you have kids. How often do you actually get to spend quality time together as a family without phones and other distractions? We're guessing probably not that often. By scheduling quality time together, you'll have a chance to really bond and make memories that'll last a lifetime.

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